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It has been a kind of crazy and yet awesome few weeks for me. One of my best friends is home from college and it’s been great reconnecting with her over workouts, shopping, lounging around her pool, and trying to learn calligraphy.:) Also, Ronnie and I are trying to get the house ready to be […]


It is a quiet day at home, perfect for getting work done! Except Fonzie is distracting me, why does he have to be so adorable?  It’s been a busy spring with lots of sessions and that means even more editing!  This was a fun senior session. When Savannah’s mom mentioned they were planning on bringing […]


Fonzie and I decided to bring Ronnie lunch at work today and ended up staying. Lucky for me they have an extra desk and computer so I can blog right here! Also, Fonzie loves to run around the office. Senior guy session on the blog today! I don’t do a lot of senior guys so […]


Today I am blogging with Fonzie on my lap. He’s finally learned to sit semi-still. Although I believe he’s trying to lick me into letting him down to roam freely. He’s growling at me now…this isn’t going to last very long. OK! Fonzie is back in his room, things just weren’t working out. Now on […]