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This is me officially introducing Fonzie. He joined our little family January the 1st. If you follow me on instagram (@lorilynnphotography) you’ll have already seen a few photos of this adorable creature. He has two hashtags, #fonzietheshihtzu and #thefonz. We got his name from the show ‘Happy Days’. These first few photos were taken a […]


I knew from the very beginning of the wedding planning process that I wanted a quality leather album of our wedding. And 6 months after, I finally got it! I have paged through it multiple times and I love showing it to people. Now I’m sharing it with all of you! This is not the complete […]


I didn’t want to start this blog post off with a steak picture, so I put one of my favorite water lily pictures up there. Water lilies are the best. 🙂 We started our celebratory weekend trip by stopping at Allen Outlets on our way to our hotel to do some shopping. I think this is my favorite place […]


Ronnie and I had a few things in mind when we were trying to decide where to go for our honeymoon. 1. We wanted an ocean (Ronnie had never seen the ocean before!) 2. All-inclusive resort (food is pretty important to us)  and 3. A place neither one of us had been before. We decided on […]