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Ronnie // Sulpher Springs 2015 Senior Guy

May 5, 2015

Filed in: Seniors

Fonzie and I decided to bring Ronnie lunch at work today and ended up staying. Lucky for me they have an extra desk and computer so I can blog right here! Also, Fonzie loves to run around the office. Senior guy session on the blog today! I don’t do a lot of senior guys so it’s always fun when they come around. Especially when they dress like Ronnie! Check out this guy’s style! This shoot happened mostly in downtown Sulphur Springs and then a nearby park. We were both pretty hungry after the shoot so got some Taco Bell for the ride home. Now, I don’t do that with all my clients, usually just the ones I’m related to. lol Leave a comment for this handsome young man!

Classy 2015 senior guy shoot.2015 Senior guy2015 Senior Guy.2015-05-05_0014

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