Lucy + Boom // 1 Year Anniversary Photo Shoot

I was pretty excited for this couple’s 1 year anniversary photo shoot. Lucy and I had been planning this for weeks already. Our plans included getting her back in her wedding dress, using her red scooter, and having their cute little dog join them! So much fun. It’s hard to believe these two have already been married for a whole year! Lucy is one of my closest friends, I was the maid of honor at her wedding and she at mine. So, check out this very sweet couple!

How cute are they??
1 year anniversary photo shoot with monogram.
Pretty Lucy!

This scooter was a lot of fun :)

They’re dog is too cute!
1 year anniversary photo shoot with their wedding album.
Love this shot of Lucy’s bouquet.
Dried wedding bouquet at 1 year anniversary photo shoot.

And we end off with another photo of their dog! :) Check back regularly for new content!

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