Honeymoon // Los Cabos, Mexico 2014

Ronnie and I had a few things in mind when we were trying to decide where to go for our honeymoon. 1. We wanted an ocean (Ronnie had never seen the ocean before!) 2. All-inclusive resort (food is pretty important to us)  and 3. A place neither one of us had been before. We decided on Secrets Puerto Los Cabos.  This resort had just opened up a few months ago so everything was still brand new. This place is amazing, they have the best food (seriously. we both gained some weight in that week lol) their staff is super friendly and awesome, and you get to order room service any time of day (we took full advantage of that). I knew I would be taking my camera, I didn’t want just iPhone shots. Turns out though, the only pictures of us were taken on an iPhone. It was kind of a hassle dragging my camera around so I only took it out of our room maybe once or twice. lol

This is my favorite vacation to date. I loved getting to spend a carefree week hanging out with my new husband before getting back to our jobs and responsibilities.

los cabos  inclusive los cabos inclusive los cabos inclusive moonlit Los Cabos, Mexico

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